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See visible change in just 3 washes. Masil's 3 Salon Hair CMC Shampoo will reinforce brittle and damaged hair and transform it into strong locks after just 3 washes. The formula is intensely nourishing and will hydrate even the driest of hair follicles. 17 types of amino acids, 3 ceramides, and natural oils create a powerful blend that restores healthy and soft hair. A pH level of 5.3 keeps the scalp balanced and the protein rich ingredients supply extra protein to the hair to repair its strength.

Ingredients we love:

Salicylic Acid (BHA): Oil soluble chemical exfoliant that penetrates deep into the pores, gets rid of dead skin cells and other skin debris. Strong anti-inflammatory effects.

Oat Extract: Oat is loaded with skin-beneficial ingredients, like beta-glucan, lipids, fatty acids and anti-inflammatory compounds. It soothes and protects skin, making it ideal for skin prone to irritation and eczema

Macadamia Seed Oil: Rich in soothing and nourishing fatty acids such as oleic acid and linoelic acid, plus the more rare palmitoleic acid. An excellent oil for dry skin (and hair).

Sachet shampoing « salon haïr cmc »

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