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Discover an extraordinary fragrance that highlights the uniqueness of the person who wears it. Escentric Molecules Escentric 05 unisex Eau de Toilette lets your original personality shine through.

original perfume for the extravagant

unisex perfume


The highest note of the olfactory pyramid. This is the note that you smell just after spraying the perfume. It is usually lively and gives the first olfactory impression. The life of this note is short.

top notes

bergamot, orange, fig leaf, fig, bay leaf, juniper, basil, rosemary

This note comes to life after a few minutes, when the top note fades. It develops for 2-3 hours and is the characteristic smell of the perfume.

heart notes

cypress, hedione, freesia, iris, jasmine

This note forms the base of the olfactory pyramid. It is very tenacious, it lasts about 4 hours, sometimes whole days.

base notes

cashmere wood, cistus, musk, ambroxan, mastic, Iso E Super

Type of fragrance aromatic, woody

Escentric Molecules Escentric 05

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