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A spectacular scenario. An unexpected masculine spirit. Bleu de CHANEL embodies the praise of man and his freedom.

Composed by Jacques Polge, the Creator of CHANEL Perfumes, Bleu de CHANEL unfolds in 3 olfactory acts.

Act 1 - Freshness: a fiery surge of freshness runs through the skin. A liberating well-being spreads. Citrus Accord, Vetiver, Pink Berries.

Act 2 - Energy: A pungent rush of energy galvanizes the senses. The taste for action electrifies. A decisive onslaught of vitality takes the lead. Grapefruit, Dry Cedar Notes, Labdanum.

Act 3 - The senses: the body gains an incorruptible assurance. A masculinity of enigmatic seduction takes place. Impenetrable. Incense, Ginger, Sandalwood.

BLEU DE CHANEL Eau De Toilette

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